TekTailor Sewing Machine Image


Our mission is to shape, grow and strengthen the sewing and textile manufacturing sector in the United States in a sustainable manner, to create jobs locally, and to set new manufacturing standards that enable big brands, retail chains and entrepreneurs to have products made where they will be sold, worn and used.


We strive for a future with a sewing & textile industry that wastes less, uses resources more respectfully and produces new products more consciously. Consumers will be able to decide what they want their clothes, bags and accessories to look like, customize and seize products to their liking, store preferred items in their virtual closet and order whenever they want to.
Patterns will be stored in the cloud, fabrics will be printed digitally and products are made to order and can easily be reordered at any time. Online stores and high street storefronts will provide a mix of augmented and virtual reality experience to customers allowing them to try on and customize products, share the items they like with friends through social media and order their personal favorite for delivery to the store or their home address.

We strive to become an industry leader and role model for innovative, sustainable manufacturing, offering new purchase activated and demand based manufacturing options for our own brand products as well as our contract customer base.